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Western Digital manufactures hard disk drives of exceptional quality for all user environments and performance requirements. They are reliable, robust and manufactured to high standards:

Hard Drives Common problems:

Laptops and the hard disk drives are susceptible to misuse mostly when in transit or due to operation in an unsatisfactory environment. When failure occurs the users notices:

  • Ticking noise due to corrupt servo track or read/write head failure
  • Blank screen as the hard disk is not recognized.

Firmware Problems:
On both laptop and desktop hard disk drives applications are resident on the actual hard disk PCB. These applications interact with the computer BIOS to ensure the operation of the hard disk is efficient and error free. Applications are written during manufacture and are specific to families of hard disk drives. Once the information is corrupt the drive will not function properly or not interact with the BIOS at all. The hard disk may:

  • Not be recognised correctly in the BIOS and computer hangs
  • Not be recognised at all in the BIOS
  • Run slowly making regular ticking noise at start up

Mechanical Failure:
All Hard Disks Drives have a recommended life span in terms of run hours and if in regular use will eventually fail as a result of a mechanical failure. The most common component to fail in a hard disk drive is the read/write heads. For a variety of reasons the heads fail to fly over the surface of the platters on an air bearing and will collide with the platters. The resulting collisions cause damage and failure of the head ceramic component with resulting poor definition magnetic patterning. The outcome is total failure or an accumulation of bad or corrupt data sectors. Bad or corrupt sectors will cause the computer to hang or run unacceptably slowly as the applications attempt to correct the errors.

Misuse or environmental damage:
Mains Power Surge
Over voltage damage power cable misplaced.
Broken Pin or Pins/ Data Cable IDE SATA SCSI damage
Contaminated platters typically drink spillage of flood damage
Corruption of systems files FAT
Recycle Bin emptied or files were deleted in error.
Virus attack
incorrectly Formatted Hard drives
Partitioning or boot-up sector problems
Forgotten or Lost Password removal from Hard Disk.

Hard Drive types include:

  • WD Protégé: WD1600AB (160Gb), WD1200AB (120Gb), WD800EB (80Gb), WD600EB (60Gb), WD400EB (40Gb), WD200EB (20Gb)
  • WD Caviar: WD2500BB (250Gb), WD2000BB (250Gb), WD1600BB (160Gb), WD1200BB (120Gb), WD800BB (80Gb), WD400BB (40Gb), WD200BB (20Gb)
  • Early WD Caviar model numbers: WD75AA, WD84AA, WD102AA, WD102BA, WD136AA, WD136BA, WD153AA, WD153BA, WD205AA, WD205BA, WD307AA, WD450AA


Hard disks made by all manufacturers are subject to similar problems. Western Digital hard disks are no more prone to developing them than any other manufacturer’s hard disk.

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